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​What does "Bead Inlay" mean?

Inlay refers to the jewelry technique of placing colored stones into depressions in a metal base to form a design that is normally flush with the matrix. Instead of using stones or metal, I create the design with beads and set them in metal or leather forms. I call my jewelry "Bead Inlay" as a tribute to this method of jewelry construction.


Do you re-create pieces?

While many pieces use the same construction techniques, I don't ever make the same piece twice. This helps me stay focused on the creative process and on developing my artistic voice.

Do you take special orders?

I don't do special orders. All of my pieces are sold in my online shop or at shows.

Do you wholesale your jewelry?

No, I prefer to "meet" a customer directly at a show or through my online shop.

Will you ship your jewelry?

Of course. I accept PayPal in my online shop. I will ship items USPS priority mail within the U.S. and registered parcel post elsewhere. In the US, items will take between 2 -7 days to arrive. International orders can take up to 4 weeks - please be patient. I will ship your items within 3 days of payment.

How do I care for my jewelry?

Please be careful with each piece of jewelry - they are handmade with some fragile items. I suggest not wearing the jewelry in the water and removing them at night.

Do you Provide Refunds?

If you are unhappy with your purchase, I will accept undamaged items back if notified within 3 days of receipt. Please email me first to advise me that you will be returning the piece. If there is any damage, a refund will not be provided.

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